Dana Milbank: Biased?

Dana Milbank, a formerly the Washington Post’s White House correspondent and still a major reporter for the paper, wrote a piece in the Sunday Outlook section entiled, “My Bias for Mainstream News.” In a related interview, he discloses his voting record: “I have voted in five presidential elections, twice for a Democrat and thrice for a Republican. I am registered as an independent.”

I agree with Taegan Goddard that, “It’s a free country and no one — including reporters — should feel compelled to disclose their voting preferences. But it’s interesting Millbank chose to share it nonetheless.” Further, it’s likely wise to have it out there rather than have people attributing motives based on a false understanding on the reporter’s affiliations.

Milbank is also correct here: “I wasn’t labeling myself ‘objective’ — that’s an impossible and undesirable standard.”

Correction: I had Millbank’s gender wrong originally. I was confusing him with Dana Priest, WaPo’s intelligence reporter, who is female.

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James Joyner
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  1. Kappiy says:

    FYI: Milbank is male.

  2. James Joyner says:

    Thanks. There are two major reporters for the post with gender-neutral names and I get confused as to which is which.