DANCING WEASELS? John Hawkins of Right Wing News skewers Sen. Chuck Hagel and others who are still on the fence about war with Iraq. A choice quote:

These guys all think that the United States should act like a nerdy teenager with a pool who is thrilled to have people pretending to be his friend as long as he invites them over when it gets hot. His “friends” don’t have to actually like him, help him, or do anything for him, they just have to avoid sneering at him while they’re swimming in his pool. But, he better not ask his “friends” to do anything for him or they might not be his “friend” anymore. Who needs friends like that and who needs one-way alliances with nations that are only with us as long as we don’t need their help?

Well sure, if you put it that way. . . .

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James Joyner
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