Daschle Loves Bush

Matt Drudge somehow has an “exclusive” based on a television ad: Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle using footage of him hugging President Bush before his post-9/11 address to Congress as part of his tight re-election race against John Thune.

Courtesy Drudge Report

No hugging from Kerry appears in the ad, one gathers.

James Joyner
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  1. BigFire says:

    Daschle is getting desperate to pull this…

  2. Jeff says:

    It was all over Limbaugh in the first hour and the RNC put out a release on it that Drudge now features as if he’s the only one to have it.

  3. Tiger says:

    Yet where is shot of Tom Daschle locked in an embrace and planting a steamy French kiss on the lips of Tipper Gore?