Fresh off writing a cookbook to help bachelors, umm, “get some,” Stephen Green has compiled a list of 50 words guys should avoid on first dates. Now he tells me. . . .

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  1. Scott Harris says:

    First Date? I’ve been married almost 15 years and I still get in trouble for my word selection (though not as often).

    The first word that got me in trouble was “adamant” as in “You can do whatever you want in the wedding, but there are only two things I am adamant about.” Silly me. I thought I was telling her the two liitle things I wanted in the ceremony and giving her complete freedom on everything else. She interpreted it as being inflexible and dumping responsibility on her.

    I cannot even remember all the times since then that I have been in trouble with her for things I said to OTHER PEOPLE that she interpreted as “insensitive.” I’ve even asked the OTHER PEOPLE, and they didn’t know what she was upset about. But proving her wrong was even worse.

    That’s why I blog. At least if someone gets pissed at me online, I can turn the cursed PC off. My advice. Learn to shut up and listen.

    Good phrases for men to memorize. “Yes, honey.” “Uhm.” “Huh?” “Really?” “That’s wonderful.” “That’s terrible.”

    And you can be sure my wife will NEVER EVER EVER see this post.

  2. Scott Harris says:

    One more thing. Women are why golf courses exist. Four hours of bliss.