David Lat the New Wonkette?

Peter Lattman at WSJ’s Law Blog reports that David Lat is replacing Ana Marie Cox at Wonkette.

Here’s the latest buzz: Queen of the blogosphere Ana Marie Cox is said to be handing over the reins at her spicy political blog Wonkette. David Lat, the federal prosecutor who revealed himself to the New Yorker magazine in November as the author of the popular “Underneath Their Robes” judicial blog, is expected to start blogging for the site. Lockhart Steele, managing editor of Gawker Media, which owns Wonkette, declined to comment. We hear that Lat will have a co-editor.


Over the holiday weekend, several news outlets reported that Lat was leaving his job as an assistant U.S. Attorney in Newark, N.J. and moving to Washington D.C. His blog, “Underneath Their Robes,” which temporarily shut down after the New Yorker article but is now back up again, is a spicy look at the federal judiciary written in the voice of a female spitfire named Article III Groupie, or A3G. (Article III of the U.S. Constitution established the federal judiciary.) Best known for its rankings of the “super hotties of federal judiciary” and “Bodacious Babes of the Bench,” Lat’s blog gained popularity with its coverage of the Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts, Harriet Miers, and Samuel Alito. In past posts, Wonkette praised “Underneath Their Robes,” calling it adorably irreverent, deliciously superficial, and winkingly naughty.

Cox has been mostly absent from Wonkette for months now, with Greg Beato and DCEIVER doing the writing, with no noticeable drop in popularity, so I suppose the net effect would be negligible.

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