D.C. Blogger 3rd of July Celebration

As every schoolboy knows, the Declaration of Independence was actually signed on July 3, 1776, with only a few laggards delaying the final signature to July 4. To commemorate the actual 228th birthday of the U.S. (plus, it’s a Saturday and I’ll be at a barbecue* cookout on the 4th) I’ve semi-organized a get-together of DC area bloggers.

It was originally going to feature the presence of one C. Dodd Harris, Esq. of Ipse Dixit, but his sojourn to DC was canceled and he decided it probably wasn’t worth coming in all the way from Kentucky to consume alcohol, since they have some there. Jim Henley of Unqualified Offerings and tequila mockingbird’s Julia have more or less committed to coming. Several others may or may not come, depending on whether they have something better to do.

The plan is to gather at the Rendezvous Lounge (“conveniently located at the scenic intersection of 18th Street and Kalorama“) somewhere around 8 p.m., with those wishing to have dinner first meeting at 7 and eating at the little restaurant next door. (Its name escapes me but Julian Sanchez, Matt Yglesias, Radley Balko, and I ate there once and lived to tell the tale.)

Anyone who writes a blog, reads a blog, or has heard of a blog is invited.

*I have it on good authority that barbecue is a noun and that the Yankee practice of using the word to describe cooking over a grill is improper.

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James Joyner
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  1. Jon Henke says:

    Damn, I’d really like to come, but I’m pretty sure my wife has plans for us on that day.

    If you ever do another Blogger-gathering–and assuming “DC bloggers” includes such outlying areas as, er, Richmond, VA–let me know…

  2. Jeff says:

    Don’t even think about getting any farther into the BBQ debate. It gets ugly when people start arguing about what kind of sauce to use (mustard, ketchup, or vinegar) and then even uglier when you bring Texans into it and start talking about brisket.

  3. I was definately planning on attending to meet Dodd. Especially since my trip to KY in late July is also cancelled. I may still trek into the city Sat night though.

  4. Steven says:

    They do the same thing in California–to them any kind of grilling is a BBQ, whether sauce is involved or not.

  5. Boyd says:

    Jeff, I resent your trying to link ugliness with Texans. I have it on pretty good authority that we’re a pretty handsome bunch, at least as a group. 🙂

    I wish I could make it, but similar to Jon, I’m pretty sure the wife has usurped Saturday evening. That, plus the fact that I was out a lot last weekend.

    Oh well, maybe next time.

  6. Jeff says:

    As a non-Texan I include County Line (the Lake Austin location) in my Top 5 BBQ joints anywhere.

    Unfortunately, (James can probably tell me if it’s worth it based on his days in Alabama) I have yet to make it to Dreamland.

  7. DC Loser says:

    Dreamland….worth it!!!

  8. James Joyner says:

    Dreamland is good, although the only side dish is Wonder Bread with thumbprints in it.

    There is/was an awesome place outside of El Paso called, I think, Cattleman’s. It’s been over 20 years since I was there, so it may no longer be there or be good.

  9. DC Loser says:

    There’s a whole bunch of great steak places in El Paso. Is this the place that’s about 20 miles east out of town in the middle of nowhere? I hear that’s the best place.

  10. James Joyner says:


    Sounds like the place. I was 14 or so at the time, so wasn’t doing the driving and we moved away after 18 months. But it was some good eatin’.