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Julian Sanchez has announced another edition of Blogorama:

Well, the task of calling periodic Blogoramas seems to have devolved upon me, and my network of spies indicates that folk are about ready for another one. So let’s say onetwo weeks from today—Thursday, July 22 29—at that bastion of dive-swank, Rendezvous Lounge on 18th Street and Kalorama. Let’s say 7:30. In the interests of pulling in a diverse crowd, reposts of the announcement are much appreciated.

These are a good time and more-or-less conveniently located. It’s nearish a Metro stop (Farrugut West)* and parking, while not exactly plentiful, is doable by that time of evening.

If you’re reading this, you’re invited.

Update: See comment 1.

Update (7/16): The event has been moved to Tuesday the 29th for unspecified reasons.

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  1. R Gardner says:

    I’d recommend Dupont Circle or Woodley Park-Adams Morgan Metro stops instead. You can easily catch a bus from WP-AM Metro to Adams Morgan. Farrrugut adds ~4 blocks.

  2. norbizness says:

    What city is that? Is it within 20 miles of Austin so that I can comply with my court order?