DC Comics Unveils New Logo

DC Comics has unveiled a new logo, replacing one that has graced their books since 1980.

DC Comics has unveiled a new logo, replacing one that has graced their books since 1980:

DC Comics

To put our pride where our pitch is, we’ve decided this is the moment to do something we’ve debated for the last few years and introduce a new DC logo. The symbol that graces DC SPECIAL will be spinning onto the whole line in June, and as fast as we can, onto all our films, TV shows, video games, licensed products and the DC DIRECT line as well. Look for the launch of the film version on BATMAN BEGINS, and keep your eyes peeled to play art detective as you watch.

It seems like it was only a moment ago (could it really be over 25 years?) when legendary designer Milton Glaser’s DC logo went up in the corner of our comics, just as my first LEGION story was being published. It went on the famed DOLLAR COMICS, DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, WATCHMEN and on to IDENTITY CRISIS, with literally thousands of issues between. It marked years in which we expanded the creative reach of comics, changed how talented people could be rewarded and recognized for their efforts in comics, and had some great times that we shared with our readers. I’m confident that when we look back on the era of this new DC symbol, lovingly created by designer Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studio under the care of our design wizards Richard Bruning and Georg Brewer, it’ll have just as awesome a run.

Here it is:

DC Comics new logo
Pretty nifty. And, yes, I remember quite vividly when the old logo was released. I first saw it on the debut of the first ever Dollar Comic, an issue of “World’s Finest.”

DC Comics old logo, 1977-2005
via Steven Taylor

For background information, see DC Comics: Information from Answers.com

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  1. Eric says:

    Yuck. Busy, loud, confusing and obviously computer-generated.

    Looks perfect for the “Loonatics” comics adaptations when they come out.

  2. gilbert says:

    I must say that I don’t like the new logo. the old one makes me feel safe. Whenever I see the old logo, it gives the aura that this company is strong, solid and secure. It is like a crest that says something like “this is our family.” Would you change the National flag just to prove that the country is improving? No, it should stay the same to assure everyone that the country is intact. Same with the logo I guess.

  3. Bruce Wayne says:

    I like it. Great logotype that has elements of the old logo while looking more modern.

    The old logo wasn’t a good logo at all and had many design flaws.

    Even though some people are attached to the old logo, it doesn’t mean that this one isn’t good.

    gilbert: if the old logo is making you feel safe, then it’s a bad logo for a comic book. Maybe they should use that logo for a security company…lol!


    a national flag and a logo for a company are totally different mediums and shouldn’t be compared at all.

    I’m not going to get into much details, but the old DC logo had many design flaws and I’m glad it was changed.

    When I look at the new logo, it certainly tells me that this is a comic book company.