Dean Esmay is getting tired of being called a homophobe for pointing out that might be some problems with gay marriage.

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James Joyner
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  1. Paul says:

    heh… I get real tired of the word ‘homphobe.’

    The word is defined as irrational fear of homosexuals.

    I don’t fear them. But when they whine they annoy me.

    That makes me neither fearful nor irrational. It means they are annoying.

    Now… If homophobia were defined as a rational fear that our constitution was severly weakened last Monday, then that word would be being applied much more accurately.

    Many people want to cloud the issue.


  2. concor says:

    That’s the origin of “homophobe,” but not the definition, which includes “aversion to” and “prejudice against.”

    And the fascination with this is clear evidence of homophobia, if not actually being a “homophobe.”

    As is, of course, your whole dumb comment. You may be tired of gays, but I promise you, we’re sick to death of people who whine about our efforts to gain first-class citizenship. And so, tough luck, we’re not going away, no matter how much you want us to.

  3. Kathy Gray says:

    Not homophobe, but I am afraid of what gays are doing to the concept of family. I will always hope that gays go away whether or not they do I will always hope that they just fall off the face of the earth. They are scum, and pervets. And I don’t want in my community and I don’t want them around my grandchildren, and I don’t want to see them on TV. And they have no business forcing the rest of the country to accept them and allowing them to marry.