DEFECTOR WARNINGS: SkyNews (via Drudge) reports that an Iraqi Republican Guard defector says Saddam will definitely use chemical weapons this time. While I don’t doubt that Saddam has and will use chemical weapons–it is, after all, what the war is about–I’m not sure how a 22-year-old soldier would have any clue. As a 25-year-old officer in the US Army during the last Gulf War, I didn’t have any insight into the strategic planning of my government–and the US military is exponentially more open than the Iraqi force.

And I had to chuckle at this:

“When it is time for war we are fully prepared to fight into the ground. If we don’t fight hard, they will execute us,” he said.

The defector said Baghdad was full of loyal troops and special forces and the city would see heavy fighting.

This coming from a loyal, fully prepared Republican Guard. . .defector.

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James Joyner
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