Deja SARS?

China E-Lobby

“Pig fever†hits the Pacific coast as Communist coverup continues: According to Boxun, the disease the Communists continue to insist is streptococcosis suis (“pig feverâ€) has hit Guangdong and Liaoning Provinces (Shenyang is the capital of the latter). The Communists have also been hiding the actual number of deaths from this disease, which is “at least 200†in Sichuan Province alone. The Communists are still refusing to let any outsiders in to examine this disease, which one doctor claimed is actually Ebola (fourth item), and are clearly in full disease-coverup mode.

One would think that the experience of SARS would prompt a lot more attention to this story.

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  1. Brian J. says:

    Please, don’t interrupt the flu pandemic hysteria.