Democrats Defying Obama on Tax Deal?

CNN Breaking: “Defying President Obama, House Democrats vote not to bring up tax deal he negotiated with GOP in its current form.”  That’s the entirety of the CNN report at the moment; there’s not even a link yet.

My go-to move after getting a CNN alert of that nature is to go to YahooNews.   This time, it yields a contradictory report from AP:  “Unhappy Democrats say tax bill likely to pass.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Thursday congressional Democrats have no choice but to accept the tax package negotiated by President Barack Obama and GOP lawmakers, even as some fellow Democrats continue to resist.  “We’re going to have an increase in taxes on working Americans … if we continue to have gridlock,” said Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat.

He said that continuing to fight the deal because it includes cuts for the wealthy would put tax cuts for middle- and lower-income people at risk, and jeopardize unemployed workers who badly need jobless benefits.

One of these stories is true.

Update (Doug Mataconis): Here’s a link to the CNN breaking news that James noted above:

Defying President Obama, House Democrats voted Thursday not to bring up the tax package that he negotiated with Republicans in its current form.

“This message today is very simple: That in the form that it was negotiated, it is not acceptable to the House Democratic caucus. It’s as simple as that,” said Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen.

“We will continue to try and work with the White House and our Republican colleagues to try and make sure we do something right for the economy and right for jobs, and a balanced package as we go forward,” he said.

The vote comes a day after Vice President Biden made clear to House Democrats behind closed doors that the deal would unravel if any changes were made.

The vote also come less than an hour after Obama himself urged Congress to pass the compromise he struck with GOP leaders earlier this week and warned that failing to do it could cost jobs.

If this holds up, it will turn into a massive and potentially very damaging political defeat for President Obama

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  1. PD Shaw says:

    This morning on the t.v. Democratic leaders were complaining that they hadn’t even seen the tax deal, that it’s all being done behind closed doors w/ Republicans.

  2. DADT is awesome says:

    “If this holds up, it will turn into a massive and potentially very damaging political defeat for President Obama”

    Go Sara Palin!

  3. legion says:

    Cue Nelson Muntz…