Dave Pell:

When Dennis Miller was funny, his core competency was taking raw, unconsidered, esoteric facts and using them in a context where they had no logical place. Now he’s a political commentator. And he employs the exact same strategy.

About right. I still think Miller is funny, but his show often is neither funny nor informative.

James Joyner
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  1. The funniest comment on Miller’s new show came from Wonkette:

    ” Expect a “mock-free zone” around President Bush and “reasoned discourse” from Dennis Miller’s new show tonight. But don’t look for too many celebrities. Says Miller, “I don’t care what Gary Coleman thinks about Afghanistan, which to me was the flaw of ‘Politically Correct’ [sic] towards the end.” He’s sooooooo right. Because who cares what some washed-up comic actor with no political background thinks about poli- . . . er. . .huh.

    No, we do not begrudge Miller his shot at fame. If Paris Hilton can become a household name by being filmed performing oral sex on an lackadaisical ex-jock, why shouldn’t Dennis? ”