The continuing saga of the Mike Price scandal contines with an exclusive Sports Illustrated interview with a certain topless dancer. All of which reminds me of an observation by the late Lewis Grizzard on a similar incident involving the evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, “If I was going to risk ten mill-li-on dollars on a woman, I’d damn sure wind up with someone better looking than that sweathog, I can promise you that!”

James Joyner
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  1. Tom says:


    I really feel for you on this on a macro level. I was at a party over the weekend discussing Alabama’s situation with a rabid, and I mean rabid, Georgia Bulldog fan. I mentioned that he must be loving what has happenned to Bama. His reaction surprised the heck out of me. HE felt pity. If I was a Bama fan, that is the one thing I would not want from a rival.
    They have to do something to get that program back.