The New York Times has an excellent “Slide Show” with that title halfway down the front of their web site. Unfortunately, there is no way to directly link to it.

Update: Here’s the link. (Thanks to Exek and Kathy in the comments)

Some representative photos:

Pesh merga fighters posed in northern Iraq.

Children in Basra.

A mural of Saddam Hussein in Basra was splattered with oil. Images of the Iraqi leader were destroyed all over the country on Wednesday.

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  1. Exek says:
  2. Kathy K says:

    Heh. Was going to leave the same link, but Exek got there first.

    That is a wonderful slide show!

  3. John Lemon says:

    This, methinks, is the best evidence to date that Saddam is dead. Word-of-mouth contains a great deal of information — somewhat similar to a stock market — and while there can be some distortion in such communication, I don’t think these folks would be doing this unless there was a firm belief that Saddam was 6 (or more) feet under.