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DoD’s Plans for Intelligence Transformation

DoD officials testified before the Senate Armed Services Strategic Subcommittee April 7 on plans to transform intelligence programs within the department.

Among those testifying was Stephen A. Cambone, undersecretary of defense for intelligence, who provided insight on how defense intelligence will evolve in the coming months and years, telling committee members of several initiatives by the department.


Cambone said the department is working to clean up internal processes. Officials are reviewing a list of committees, boards, working groups and other organizations within the department that have some responsibility for intelligence.

“At last count, that list is 14 pages long,” he said, “which tells you something about the need to clean up our internal processes to assure that we have more people who are capable of saying ‘yes’ to initiatives and being able to move more quickly, and fewer people who can say ‘no,’ which is essentially what 14 pages of boards, committees and working groups amount to.” And, of course, the portion within DoD is a small part of the overall intel community. Integrating at the interagency level is going to be even more difficult.

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