Don Imus Returning to Radio

To the surprise of perhaps no one but Matt Drudge, Don Imus is getting another shot at talk radio.

In a dramatic and dazzling career rebound, controversial radio host Don Imus has secured a deal returning him to the airwaves on December 3 — this time on the nation’s most listened to talk station, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned!

“Imus In The Morning” will make a high-impact resurrection on WABC in New York City, top sources reveal. “We’ll have him on a standard 40-second delay,” a studio source explains. “Don is rested, humbled, and ready for war!”

Specific terms of the deal will not be released, but the host, who was fired by CBS and MSNBC after making disparaging comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, has inked a eight-figure, multiyear contract with WABC parent company, CITADEL BROADCASTING.

But who will his GUESTS be? Will senators come on? Presidential candidates? Tim Russert? Anna Quindlen? Who’s the guest now? WILL THE ELITES TURN THEIR BACK ON HIM?

My guess is that, while they’ll be timid at first, THE ELITES WILL BE BACK. People who liked Imus before the Rutgers incident will CONTINUE TO LIKE HIM, which means he’ll have a HUGE AUDIENCE again. Politicians aren’t going to turn down an opportunity to talk to millions of the most politically active voters over a comedy bit gone wrong.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Rolly says:

    Is he going to come back with the previous team:
    Charles, Bernie, and Whatisname?

  2. Bruce VanBrunt says:

    It is my understanding that the entire team will be there. With the exception of Chris Carlin the sportscaster. Warner Wolf is the man there on ABC and Imus has worked with him before.

    There is a question about Lou Ruffino (Chief Engineer). But other then him, it will be Charles on the News and Bernie doing the producing.

    48 days and you will know.

    Bruce from Florida

  3. Bruce Barket says:

    Looking forward to hearing from all the presidential candidates, the talking heads, the authors of award winning novles and, of course, the locker-room humor. Only on Imus. NPR meet the morning zoo.

  4. E says:

    Way overdue! Welcome Back and with open arms and “open minds”!

  5. bob in fl says:

    “We’ll have him on a standard 40-second delay,” a studio source explains. “Don is rested, humbled, and ready for war!”

    Humbled, my ass! Imus never truly understood how in the wrong he was. So when he sticks his foot in his mouth next time, if it gets on the air, he can simply say, “Not my fault!” & point at the censor.

    Sorry about that. I just long for the good old days when his style of commentary would never been on the air to begin with. Ditto for the likes of Bubba, The Love Sponge & Howard Stern. I appreciate raunchy humor as much as anyone else. I just don’t think their kind of humor belongs on the airwaves. Let them use cable or satellite radio instead.

  6. Bruce VanBrunt says:

    Well Bob in Florida

    Don Imus doesn’t need you in his corner. And he also does not need a 40 second delay (if that is true).

    The proof will be when be debuts again in the Beacon Theater on December 3rd. All eyes will be on him live and on the radio. Possibly TV too.

    Maybe you should get up early and listen and hear him and his crew rip the non-supporters that turned their back on him back in April.

    But I know your time is valuable listening to NPR or the Farm report.

    Good Luck. See you on the 3rd of December.

    Bruce from Florida

  7. Don L says:

    IMHO Imus will be a shell of his former self. He exhibited the most egregious form of desperate self destruction when he grovelled in serial apology at the feet of Al Sharpton. Let’s face it -he’s been neutered!

  8. floyd says:

    “Don is rested, humbled, and ready for war!”
    Huh!!??!!? I’m pretty sure about the OXY part, but I’m positive about the MORONIC part.

  9. Bruce VanBrunt says:


    What Oxy part. Don Imus is not on any drug. And if your so “NOT HAPPY” with him, don’t listen.

    Life doesn’t end when someone makes a stupid mistake. I have and I have survived. Have you?