Canadian Liberal Member of Parliament Don Boudria isn’t content with throwing out faxes from critics – he wants them charged under the Criminal Code.

Over the last 29 hours, my office has received no fewer than 828 faxes here on Parliament Hill. I have them here. I am willing to table them for the consideration of the Speaker if Mr. Speaker feels that this will help guide him in determining whether or not this is an abuse of what should legitimately be going on. […] In the case of my office, whereby we normally receive 40 to 50 faxes from constituents in a day, we have been able to receive a grand total of five over the last two days. The rest of the time the equipment is completely blocked. A group calling itself Focus on the Family, which has the website, is making it such that our telephone systems have been rendered inoperative this way.

He also wants parliament to control registration of domain names.

And change his diapers, no doubt.

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  1. Larraine says:

    “Focus on the Family” should turn to emails like the ACLU does. I can’t blame the guy. How would you like to be waiting for an important fax and get this stuff?