Drudge Report Becomes Gingrich Report

The entire above-the-fold of Drudge Report is devoted to anti-Gingrich stories, which continue on scrolling.

David Kenner observes, “Drudge’s transformation into Gingrich oppo sheet is pretty amazing.” Having long since stopped regularly checking the Drudge Report, I clicked over and my reaction was Wow:

The entire above-the-fold is devoted to anti-Gingrich stories, which continue on scrolling:


NEWT 1986: ‘The Reagan administration has failed, is failing…

NEWT 1988: ‘If Bush runs as continuation of Reaganism he will lose’…


R. EMMETT TYRRELL: William Jefferson Gingrich…


DeLay: ‘He’s not really a conservative’…

FL Poll: Romney Stronger than Gingrich in General Election vs. Obama…

Liberal Groups Plan Florida Assault on Romney…

CNN: Gingrich admits his ABC claim was false during debate…

Gingrich tells UNIVISION: No perjury during my divorce depositions…

Marianne Gingrich lawyer: ‘He was never deposed’…

FLASHBACK 1998: Gingrich Orchestrated GOP Ads Recalling Clinton-Lewinsky Affair…

One gets the impression that Drudge isn’t all that fond of Newt Gingrich.

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James Joyner
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  1. Judging by OTB’s front page Doug Mataconis isn’t fond of Newt either, but he doesn’t like anybody.

  2. James Joyner says:

    @Sean Hackbarth: Gingrich isn’t very popular among the frequent posters here!

  3. Moosebreath says:

    This just in — Drudge Report supports Republican Establishment. No wait, that’s from the year 2000 archives.

  4. Hey Norm says:

    @ James…
    Au contraire…I absolutely LOVE Newt Gingrich and if I believed in God I would pray for Her to see that Newt wins the nomination.

  5. @Sean Hackbarth:

    When we choose our President we should choose from the best of our selves. Newt’s close to that, in an opposite-day way.

  6. James Joyner says:

    @Moosebreath: Drudge traditionally supports the Republican nominee. But he’s not known for supporting moderate candidates during primary season.

    @Hey Norm: By “posters” I mean blog authors, not commentators.

  7. Hey Norm says:


  8. PJ says:

    @Sean Hackbarth:

    Judging by OTB’s front page Doug Mataconis isn’t fond of Newt either, but he doesn’t like anybody.

    OTB front pagers aren’t very fond of candidates who have been in the lead and who aren’t Romney (or Huntsman or Johnson). You could easily browse the archives and accurately pick the not-Romney candidate in the lead by the number of posts attacking him or her…

    Now, this hasn’t reached Drudge levels yet, but who knows what happens if Gingrich wins Florida. 😉

  9. James Joyner says:

    @PJ: Right… Why would we devote a large number of posts to insignificant candidates? When candidates rise in the polls, they become newsworthy and more stories come out about them that make for interesting commentary. Thad McCotter, on the other hand, largely escaped our scrutiny because….who the hell is Thad McCotter?

  10. ed says:

    The Big, Moneyed Interests really really really don’t want Newt to upset Mitt for the nomination. Holy cow.

  11. PJ says:

    @James Joyner: There isn’t a flurry of anti Romney posts when Romney takes the lead.

  12. Franklin says:

    @PJ: For all intents and purposes, Romney has never been out of the lead. And the posters here have been “meh” on him for at least 4 or 5 years.

  13. @James Joyner:

    He doesn’t appear popular with the frequent commenters either.

  14. sam says:

    Heh. I was just over at memorandum. The war between the rightwing Newt and AntiNewt camps is something to behold.