Duncan Hunter Quitting Race? UPDATE: Not Yet!

Duncan Hunter Quitting Race? Michelle Malkin passes along a press release:

Presidential Candidate and California Congressman Duncan Hunter will be making a major announcement today at 2:00 p.m. (EST), regarding the future of his Presidential bid. All media are encouraged to attend or contact Bob Bevill, National Media Coordinator, to arrange alternate interviews.

The natural speculation is that he’ll quit, what with his not having any support or money.

Ed Morrissey found the man very impressive but observes, “Hunter faced the same problem as anyone else running from the House: a small constituency.” Then again, it’s not as if he shouldn’t have been able to figure that out to begin with.

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UPDATE: Hunter didn’t drop out after all. Instead, he called a press conference to whine about being excluded from this past weekend’s debates.

Underdog GOP presidential candidate Duncan Hunter lashed out at “knucklehead media executives” who did not include him in this weekend’s New Hampshire primary debates, telling reporters he was staying in the race despite widespread expectations he would announce his withdrawal.

The conservative California congressman criticized debate organizers at FOX and ABC for not extending him an invitation when “guys with zero delegates” like Rudy Giuliani and John McCain were allowed to participate in the events, saying they “decided my campaign was over, and the lights would be shut out on my campaign.

“So here’s my answer: I’m not going to quit. I’m staying in.”

Well, this was certainly the most attention Hunter has gotten in some time.

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  1. yetanotherjohn says:

    You can’t blame the man for trying. 2008 was the best year in a long time for the long shot to take it all. On the other hand, you can’t blame him for quiting either given the state of the campaign.

  2. Grewgills says:

    Duncan Hunter is still running?

  3. Tlaloc says:

    Mostly you can’t blame him because who’s actually heard of him in the first place?