Dutch Pedophiles Launch Political Party

Dutch citizens tired of the threat to their civil liberties posed by bans on pedophilia and bestiality areorganizing their own political party.

Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage.

The Charity, Freedom and Diversity (NVD) party said on its Web site it would be officially registered Wednesday, proclaiming: “We are going to shake The Hague awake!” The party said it wanted to cut the legal age for sexual relations to 12 and eventually scrap the limit altogether. “A ban just makes children curious,” Ad van den Berg, one of the party’s founders, told the Algemeen Dagblad (AD) newspaper. “We want to make pedophilia the subject of discussion,” he said, adding the subject had been a taboo since the 1996 Marc Dutroux child abuse scandal in neighboring Belgium. “We want to get into parliament so we have a voice. Other politicians only talk about us in a negative sense, as if we were criminals,” Van den Berg told Reuters.

The Netherlands, which already has liberal policies on soft drugs, prostitution and gay marriage, was shocked by the plan.


And, surely, inspiring curiousity among children is preferable to buggering them? Surely.

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James Joyner
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  1. Christopher says:

    Eeew is right!

    Why would you run such a fringe story as that?


  2. Cricket says:

    Well, if you talk about it enough, you can rationalize anything. So, get it on the table and vocalize your opposition to their need to irreparably harm children. What is sick about this is they want to prey on youngsters with the blessing of the state.

  3. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Remember when sodomy was illegal and taboo? Once you open the gate there is no telling what will walk through. Once a society loses its sense of morals, who is to say what will become common place.

  4. arky says:

    But there’s this as well…

    “The party also said everybody should be allowed to go naked in public and promotes legalizing all soft and hard drugs and free train travel for all.”

    If they’re for free train travel, maybe they’ll catch on. Non?

  5. Brian says:

    Mr. Ragshaft: Somehow I fail to see the connection between legalization of sex between two consenting adults and legalization of child molestation.

  6. Christopher says:

    Y’all are so funny! Are you in on some joke or something???

    It’s not gonna happen! These guys are wacko!

    Typical libs. Wanna solve every problem in the world-real or unreal.

  7. Fersboo says:

    Brian wrote:

    Mr. Ragshaft: Somehow I fail to see the connection between legalization of sex between two consenting adults and legalization of child molestation.

    Your failure to see the connection is one of the contributing factors in the cultural decline we live in. We either don’t care about morality (if it feels good) or we fail to think of the consequences of our actions (I fail to see).

  8. Justice Ginsberg once argued for lowering the age of consent to 12 (http://volokh.com/posts/1104181917.shtml ). So if you consider such a political party as being beyond civilized boundaries, what would that say about a party that produced a president that would nominate such a person to our nation’s highest court? Seems to me they are just advocating what a “mainstream” justice from the left advocated.

  9. Gollum says:

    So if I get the Ragshaft-Fersboo coalition correctly, making it “morally OK” for me to put my lips wherever my wife wants me to put them somehow diminishes the immorality of the same act between a 35 year-old man and a 12 year old girl?

    Interesting argument, but I call baloney.

  10. Steve Verdon says:

    Interesting argument, but I call baloney.

    You aren’t the only one think baloney in regards to the Fersboo-Ragshaft theorem of moral behavior. The mechanism, apparently, is the same one that if you allow gay marriage straight people will be more likely to suddenly turn gay. Or something…hard to tell with this kind of stuff. All they seem to know is that its icky, in their view, hence bad.

  11. dutchmarbel says:

    I looked at their party-program and have decided that they can’t be serious. In actual fact I hope it is just a satire, a playfull way to start a discussion about freedom of speech. The program is sooo full of holes and contradictions. With jewels like the prohibition of top-sport sponsoring because it causes too much nationalism – or the national obligation to become vegetarian…

    They might also be real morons of course, but I doubt they will have a very long political career.

  12. Kathy K says:

    I think dutchmarbel has a point. Seems the Dutch just got themselves a Monster Raving Loony Party…

  13. dutchmarbel says:

    Katy: In their case promoting heated toilet seats for the elderly might make me suspicious too 🙂

  14. dutchmarbel says:

    KatHy of course, sorry