DWE — Driving While ‘Embracing’

Bringing you my local news, I have problems categorizing this as embracing. I also wonder about a specific state law against embracing, when a simple driving while distracted would suffice, same as with cell phones.

A state trooper was patrolling Interstate 90 near Bellevue Way last week when he noticed a sport utility vehicle drifting between lanes, sometimes speeding up and then slowing down to well below the speed limit.
When the trooper stopped the vehicle, he found the 19-year-old male driver and a 20-year-old female passenger naked and engaged in sexual activity, according to a State Patrol news release Wednesday.
The woman began hiding alcohol containers and put on a shirt, but the driver, a Seattle man, made no efforts to cover up.
The man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and having sex while driving, the patrol reported Wednesday…..
Trooper Jeff Merrill, who wrote the news release, said “embracing while driving” is a misdemeanor. In this case, the woman said she was performing oral sex on the driver while he was driving.
“You are not supposed to be hugging or kissing while driving,” Merrill said. “It’s so distracting.”

Um, no, he wasn’t arrested for having sex while driving. No specific WA law against having sex while driving, but there is one in WA State against embracing while driving. At least they aren’t being charged with felony sodomy (which isn’t necessarily what you think it is, oral sex is considered sodomy in some states, and in the military.) And no pictures?

Let the puns begin.

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  1. just me says:

    I am trying to figure out why one or both partners have to get naked for oral sex.

  2. markm says:

    …when I was a yout…even I knew that’s why cruise control was invented 🙂

  3. William d'Inger says:

    The core issue is public safety. The state might have had a clumsy way of going about it, but it’s nice to know those two were pulled over before causing death or injury. Maybe the legislature can update the law to cover current conditions like cell phones, farding, etc.