Education Secretary Finishes 2nd on ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings came in second in “Celebrity Jeopardy,” right behind Michael McKean, best known for his role as ‘Lenny’ on the television show “Laverne and Shirley” and for the movie “This Is Spinal Tap.”

Somehow, I find that amusing. Granted, McKean is obviously a very bright fellow and “Lenny” was just a role that he played very well. But, still, it’s funny that the EdSec lost to him. At least it wasn’t Squiggy.

UPDATE: AllahPundit had a similar reaction but is less kind, titling his post “U.S. Secretary of Education loses big on Celebrity Jeopardy.” He has video of her performance along with a video clip from “Spinal Tap.”

Mary Katharine Ham observes, correctly, that this was “huge P.R. gamble” on Spellings’ part because “After all, if you win, it’s just a game, and you were expected to win anyway. If you lose, though, it’s a news story for a whole cycle.”

Which reminds me of a bit Bill Murray did about a quarter century ago on “Saturday Night Live” when draft registration was being reinstated and there was a debate about whether to include women. He said it was a swell idea and that, in fact, we should draft only women. That way, if we got into war with the Soviets and lost, we could rub their noses in their getting beaten by “a bunch of women.” Conversely, if we lost, we could just say, “Big deal. So you beat a bunch of women.”

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  2. “Had they had Jeopardy categories like ‘Indoctrination of Children,’ ‘Tools of Leftist Labor Unions’ and ‘Literacy and Numeracy, NOT!,’ she’d’ve cleaned up.” Others commenting: Michelle Malkin, Slublog, Mary Katharine Ham, Outside The Beltway and Say Anything. No one who has examined Mrs. Spellings’ biography would be surprised at this further evidence that she is phenomenally stupid. After all, (a) she graduated from a Houston public school; (b) she married a lawyer, and (c) “she helped

  3. “I think I held my own,” Spellings told the Associated Press. McKean might have had an edge, she said, because he had been on the show before. The wisecracks, of course, have begun: • James Joyner at Outside the Beltway says

  4. If you want some real celebrity value, Get Bush 41, Carter and Clinton to do the show.

  5. DC Loser says:

    Just because she’s the Secretary of Education doesn’t mean she has to be the smartest person in the room. It takes a certain type of smart (as in possessing a wide range of interests and lots of reading) to do well on Jeopardy! Spelling is just a politician, and we all know how smart they are 🙂

  6. Daily Summary…

    NEWS: – Bush to meet with Iraqi prime minister – Republicans Clinch House Races in Ohio, New Mexico – Democrats Unlikely to Block Gates Confirmation – Anti-Gun Mayor Convicted on Firearms Charges – China buildup seen aimed at U.S. ships……

  7. madmatt says:

    Comment in violation of site policies deleted.

  8. Steven Plunk says:

    Who’s off their meds again?

    Jeopardy is a trivia game first and foremost. Judging a person’s overall intelligence by their performance on the show is unfair to say the least.

  9. The Heretik says:

    We’re Tripping…

    We’re tripping. Following George Bush tripping over Vietnam? Tripping. Barbara Bush in Argentina? Not so Secret Service. Tripping. We’re off to see the wizard. We are tripping all over the Bushs.
    “She said she often hit it too e…

  10. LorgSkyegon says:

    Michael McKean is an honors graduate of Carnagie Mellon University. He is a very smart man. I would not be sad to lose to him.

  11. LibraryLady says:

    Maybe you didn’t notice but McKean was playing for Multiple Sclerosis. “Squiggy”, or David Lander, has MS (as do I). He is also a pretty sharp guy.

    You do realize that they played characters on the show; not themselves!

  12. Triumph says:

    Just because she’s the Secretary of Education doesn’t mean she has to be the smartest person in the room.

    Yeah, plus remember who nominated her! That guy isn’t the brightest fellow in the world.