PoliBlogger analyzes a potential derailing scandal in John Edwards’ bid for the Democrat nomination. I saw the story on Drudge earlier but dismissed it; it looks to be more serious than I thought.

My instinct had been that Edwards would wind up dropping out of the race, anyway, because he doesn’t have the luxury of being able to run simultaneously for higher office and re-election to the Senate that Joe Lieberman enjoyed. This may make even that option difficult.

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  1. joy says:

    Any word on who his potential Dem challengers for the nomination might be if he ran for Senate re-election?

    The only reason why Edwards was elected was because Lauch Faircloth was a fairly icky politician.

  2. James Joyner says:

    Good question. I don’t have that much familiarity with NC politics, although I think I’ve got a clue on the presidential race.

    DrFrank at PSR thinks Governor Jim Hunt is about the only chance the Dems have but that even he is “damaged goods.” (See PSR, NC Archives.

    The field, as he saw it in January:

    Risking entry in the Richard Vinroot Memorial “I’ll run for anything” Sweepstakes:

    Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, Erskine Bowles, and Former State Rep. Dan Blue
    Others who might tackle the race:

    Attorney General Roy Cooper
    State Senator Eric Reeves
    The Godfather himself, State Senator Marc Basnight
    Congressman Mike McIntyre
    Congressman Bob Etheridge
    Former State Senator Howard Lee

    On the Republican side, appointment or no appointment, Rove appears to be clearing the way for Winston Salem Congressman Richard Burr (term limit pledge set to expire in 2004), leaving Lexington Attorney Jim Snyder, Vinroot and Charlotte Mayor Pat McRory in the wilderness yet again.

    Strangely, posting on the Senate race has been very light.