Politics1 points to a rather clever attack on the California recall:

Software executive Stuart Vance is an opponent of the attempt to recall California Governor Gray Davis (D). Vance thinks he has an ingenious way to derail the recall election: make it an absolute impossibility to conduct with a list of recall replacement candidates so long that none of the approved voting machines could handle a ballot of that size. Think of it as “a denial-of-service attack on the recall,” says Vance, referring to the term when Internet servers get so swamped with activity that they crash because of the overload. He wants more than 1,000 people to run in the recall election and he’s created a website — run-for-governor.org — to help more people jump into the race. “Imagine a ballot with 1,000 candidates for governor … Help extend the absurdity of this recall election to its logical extreme,” says a message on the site. More than 300 folks have already filed information with the state indicating that they all plan to run. Filing closes August 9.

I hope they don’t make the ballots too confusing. I’d hate to see Pat Buchanan emerge as the winner.

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James Joyner
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  1. DANEgerus says:

    Willie Brown said he’d finance the immediate recall of any (R) candidate that won… pretty easy in this (D) state… so let’s see:

    The courts already changed the rules of the recall, on the fly, to allow pro-Davis voters to vote twice, both for Davis and for his replacement,
    Davis is filing to be one of the optional candidates if recalled, useful if your supporters can vote twice,
    Davis is filing to delay the vote, to ‘prevent chaos’,
    Stuart Vance is planning prevent the vote with a flood of candidates,
    SF Mayor Willie Brown vows to immediately launch a recall if the replacement is an (R),

    CA politics is just so funny… The elected Governor’s supporters get to vote twice and the Governor wants to run against himself as well as the 999 other candidates and the (D)’s will immediately file for another try if they lose… this is a national stage folks, and the (D)’s are coming off as drama queens in spite of the ill considered efforts of the (R)’s to sieze the reins of an insolvent government.