Emmy Nods for Netflix

In a sign of the shifting TV times, CNN is reporting that House of Cards and Arrested Development have received Emmy nominations.

Update (Doug Mataconis): The New York Times has the details:

In the 65-year-old competition for Primetime Emmy Awards, the online streaming network Netflix officially joined its cable and broadcast counterparts on Thursday, picking up a best drama nomination for the political thriller “House of Cards.”

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, who portray the scheming husband and wife at the center of “House of Cards,” were also nominated in the lead actor and actress categories.

The announcements represented the first time that a series distributed via the Internet, not television, was nominated for the television industry’s most prestigious statue.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said by telephone that he watched the nominations press conference in bed and was thrilled with the results. “The number of awards this morning was sort of a shock to everybody,” he said, adding, “We didn’t plan a big enough party.”

He said he was thankful that the Emmy voters were “so open to the idea” of Internet distribution.

“In a way, it solidifies that television is television, no matter pipe brings it to the screen,” he said.

Netflix had campaigned for nominations for both “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development,” the canceled Fox sitcom that it revived to much fanfare earlier this year. “Arrested” was not among the six shows nominated for outstanding comedy, but one of its stars, Jason Bateman, was included in the lead actor in a comedy category.

In another sign of the times, none of the nominees for Best Drama are from any of the three broadcast networks. They all hail from HBO, AMC, PBS (Downton Abbey), and Netflix.

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  1. stonetools says:

    Netflix’s House of Cards is good so far, but it’s worth looking for the BBC original-also available on Netflix. That was an acting masterclass by Sir Ralph Richardson as the original F.U.

  2. PogueMahone says:

    Well deserved, too. Not that I ever give these awards too much credence.

    For those interested, Netflix recently released another good drama called Orange is the New Black.

    It is about a one-time drug cartel bag woman turned yuppie, having to go to women’s federal prison for 15 months.
    I know, I know… a show about women’s prison being a good drama for a middle-aged man!? But it is very well made.

    One night my wife comes home from work and sees me watching something on the ipad. She says, “What are you watching?”
    I reply, “a show about women’s prison.”
    Looking at me disapprovingly, “Uh-huh.”