Fake Impotence Doctor Faces Hard Time

Stephanie Slater, a crime reporter and blogger for the Palm Beach Post, either has a very dry sense of humor or needs an editor:

Fake Impotence Doctor Faces Hard Time

Fake Impotence Doctor Faces Hard Time Screen Cap Suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Marc J. Goulet suggests “Passion Cream for Women,” and testosterone injections.

Except Goulet, who has been treating patients at six clinics in five counties for sexual dysfunction, is not a doctor, authorities said.

via Bill Jempty

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  2. John Burgess says:

    Reporters don’t generally get to write their own headlines; columnists sometimes do. Usually, the headline is done by an editor. It’s the editor who may need to go back to re-education camp.

  3. Bithead says:

    Facing “Hard time”?
    Woulda worked better had his name been “Bob”.
    A smile in the mug shot woulda been a nice touch, too.

  4. Perhaps you would prefer it if they referred to him getting a stiff sentence. Or maybe if they questioned if the evidence would stand up in court.