FDR ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’ Button

With a reader assist, Steven Taylor has solved the controversy over the FDR button from this morning.

It is indeed genuine, not a PhotoShop forgery.

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  1. Steven says:

    Now the legitimate question has emerged as to whether it is an actual campaogn button from 1944.

  2. Brian A. says:

    Funny, it doesn’t appear among these other FDR campaign buttons. I guess the vendor just forgot to put it up.

  3. PoliBlog says:

    FDR and the “Remember Pearl Harbor” Button (One More Time)
    The now much-discussed (such as here, here, here and here, for example) “button” of FDR with “Remember Pearl Harbor” emblazoned upon it is not, after all, a button from the 1944 campaign. It is, however, not a photoshop item either….