Federal Court Blocks Part of Georgia’s Immigration Law

Via the AP: Judge blocks parts of Ga. immigration law

A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked parts of Georgia’s strict new law targeting illegal immigration from taking effect, including a provision that authorizes police to check the immigration status of suspects without proper identification and to detain illegal immigrants.

Georgia’s became the latest in a string of state laws that have been at least temporarily stopped by legal challenges. All or parts of similar laws in Arizona, Utah and Indiana also have been blocked by federal judges.

Judge Thomas Thrash also granted a request from civil liberties groups to block a part of Georgia’s law that penalizes people who knowingly and willingly transport or harbor illegal immigrants while committing another crime.

First, this is hardly a surprise.

Second, one guesses that Alabama’s law is next.

Third, yes:  we need comprehensive immigration reform.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely to be coming any time soon.

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  1. Jane Doe says:

    WHY am I not surprised? Our Constitution & federal laws obviously do not matter much anymore… except in cases when liberal judges use them to THEIR advantage! The only explanation here is that the liberal elite WANT us to be invaded with a cesspool of illegals, fast tracking us to 3rd world status! This isn’t America anymore…. at least not the one the Founders envisioned. We have become too ridiculously “PC” to even feel much pride in anymore. It should be ILLEGAL for anybody other than pro-America PATRIOTS to be in political & judicial positions!