Fill In The Blank

Keith Olbermann is fatally attracted to Bill O’Reilly because _______________.

UPDATE (James Joyner): Bob Cox has much more at Olbermann Watch.

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  1. Bill K says:

    Too many people take O’Reilly seriously.

  2. I won’t fill in the blank here, but would Keith Olbermann even have a show if not for Bill O’Reilly? I mean seriously, Olbermann is usually right about O’Reilly, in my opinion. But to base an entire should on your dislike for another talk show host is ridiculously pathetic.

  3. Fred says:

    What is interesting is NBC fired John Bradshaw Layfield from CNBC two years ago for using a Nazi salute during a WWE event. If NBC has any consistency, they would fire Olbermann as well. But they probably won’t….

  4. Rodney Dill says:

    #1 – … he couldn’t afford a Picasso.

    #2 – … there was no place else left to hide.

  5. FormerHostage says:

    each night FOX punks him in ratings and the next morning Bill doesn’t call, he doesn’t email, he doesn’t even say hi!

  6. McGehee says:

    Keith Olbermann is fatally attracted to Bill O�Reilly because Al Franken salavaged his post-SNL career (such as it is) by being fatally attracted to Rush Limbaugh.

  7. Wayne says:

    If only I was Bill Oâ??Reilly, I would have a brain and some better ratings.

  8. …he likes the taste of the glue that holds Bill O’Reilly’s picture to the stick.

  9. … he once dreamt that Bill O’Reilly said, “Keith, I am your father.”

  10. … Rush Limbaugh was already taken by Al Franken.

  11. … because Dan Patrick once said he’d voted for Bush.

  12. … it’s the best way to hide his Tourette’s Syndrome problem of clicking his heels and saluting like a Nazi at the top and bottom of each hour.

  13. … because only Bill O’Reilly stood between him and being the 8,114,627th most loathed person in America.

  14. … because 342 viewers each night can’t be wrong.