Final Moments

A Canadian couple who died in the December 26th tsunami took a series of digital photos of the waves that claimed their lives. The camera was destroyed, but the memory card was retrieved.

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Kate McMillan
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  1. FireWolf says:

    Terrifying to think about, but begs the question: When they saw this coming in, watching the boats get sucked in and overwhelmed, why didn’t they run their asses off?

    To sit there and continue taking pictures, i’ll admit was bold, but it cost them their lives.


  2. Well, we don’t KNOW it cost them their lives. We know little of the beach’s topography – it may have been impossible to get to higher ground in time – so why not take pictures?

  3. Jack Tanner says:

    Holy sh!t!

  4. dw says:

    Where these pics were taken (Khao Lak) the wave was 10-11m high. That’s 32.5-35.75ft high in American.

    Imagine trying to outrun a Mack truck coming at you at ~40mph. Now make that Mack a few feet taller and the full length of the beach wide.

    They didn’t stand a chance. They should have run the moment they saw the tide go way out, but by the time they took the first picture it was too late.

  5. Mikey says:

    Holy mackeral.

  6. Tom Carter says:

    Chilling photos. Thanks for the post.