First Mate Doing Well After Kidney Transplant

Ed Morrissey‘s wife is producing urine after a successful kidney transplant. Her enterprising doctors “decided to do an appendectomy as long as they had her open.”

Try getting that kind of service under socialized medicine!

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James Joyner
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  1. Actually, I would be in a bit of fear on that regard. “While we have him on the table, why don’t we do that vasectomy to prevent future unwanted pregnancies and a stomach band to prevent future over eating”. Once the decision is made that the government, not I, should make decisions on health care, the logical stopping point is… (please see smoking as an example).

  2. jim says:

    I tried to get them to do liposuction while I was under for surgery on my ankle. My thought was more efficient use of the OR, anesthesia and hospital stay.
    They didn’t buy it.

  3. Jay Currie says:

    Here in the People’s Republic of Canada with our one payer system this would be routine. My mother had an emergency gall bladder removal and part of the routine was a quick check of the surrounding organs. As she was eighty at the time she was delighted to know that everything else seemed in order. “All part of the service, ma’am.”

    Grand news that the FM came through so well.

  4. kenny says:

    “Here in the People’s Republic of Canada with our one payer system this would be routine.”

    Wouldn’t be considered unusual in the UK either.

  5. dutchmarbel says:

    I thought James was being sarcastic. *If* he is serious, he probabely doesn’t know that the kidney transplant survival rate is rather low in the US.

    Maybe that is because the care for diabetes (one of the causes for renal failure) is less good in the USA; their health system focussed more on incidents and is less good in chronic care.

    AFAIK appendectomy is standard with kidney transplantations.