Florida District Court of Appeals to Richard Paey: Go to Hell

I think if the majority decision had simply said that it would have been less painful for Richard Paey.

Paey is wheel chair bound, suffers from multiple sclerosis and chronic back pain due to a botched surgery after a car accident. Paey is also the father of three children and had no prior criminal background. Yet amazingly the Florida District Court of Appeals upheld Paey’s conviction of 25 years in prison. Here are some fine points of irony to consider:

In prison– a place not exactly known for medical kindness– he has been given a morphine pump, which now daily gives him similar or higher doses of medication than he was convicted of possessing illegally.

And from the dissent:

I suggest that it is unusual, illogical, and unjust that Mr. Paey could conceivably go to prison for a longer stretch for peacefully but unlawfully purchasing 100 oxycodone pills from a pharmacist than had he robbed the pharmacist at knife point, stolen fifty oxycodone pills which he intended to sell to children waiting outside, and then stabbed the pharmacist…

Of course, there has been an appeal to the amazing hypocrite Jeb Bush, who has already stated he won’t grant clemency to Mr. Paey. Ironically, his daughter, Noelle Bush is a multiple drug offender. Noelle supposedly fraudulently obtained prescription drugs at a Walgreen’s, the very same crime that Paey is convicted of, yet where is Noelle Bush? Certainly not serving 25 years in prison. By comparison, Noelle Bush got off with a slap on the wrist. And what about that other stand up Florida resident Rush “Cabbage” Limbaugh? Another slap on the wrist for his fairly serious drug addiction. But Richard Paey? Toss him in jail for 25 years.

Incidentally, the police did a commando style raid on Paey’s home when they busted him.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. RJN says:

    Shame on Gov. Bush. Deep shame should attend that hypocrite for all of his public life.

    This is so bad. Where is our country? Where are all of our cowardly elected officials?

  2. Aaron says:

    How is Gov. Bush hypocritical? Did he intercede on behalf of his daughter?

  3. Steve Verdon says:

    How is Gov. Bush hypocritical? Did he intercede on behalf of his daughter?

    He is pleased with the punishment she got. Yet he has gone on record saying he wont pardon/grant clemency to Richard Paey. The man is highly hypocritical for this, IMO.

  4. Josh says:

    Governor Bush is horrible human being. How did he possibly justify not granting clemency?

  5. Billy says:

    Lesson: Drugs are bad, even when you don’t enjoy them.

    Unless you’re from a Republican power-family (see Missouri judiciary re Rush Limbaugh).

  6. I live my life in pain 24/7 from an auto accident. I don’t use anything to blunt it. I get by.
    drugs are typically not a good answer, pain management is.

  7. Joe says:

    LeftCoastRightWinger, Great for you; however saying your pain is the same as Mr. Paey’s is an an absurd comparision. I love it when I hear people all of a sudden become doctors for a day and say he if I don’t need it then no one does. Read what you write before you put it out there.

    This case is absurd. It is sad that the Governor does not step in here and rectify the situation; however he is too gutless to do such a thing. Seems he is putting his political aspirations above all else

  8. anjin-san says:

    A sad story indeed. What does it tell us about our society when we deny relief to people in horrible pain?

  9. Fersboo says:

    So it is all Gov. Bush’s fault? He is a hypocrite? It would seem that the entire court system in Florida says that Paey is guilty, but Steve and most of the commenters want to blame the state’s Governor.

  10. madmatt says:

    Bush could pardon him whenever he wants, but he won’t because he is a cog in the phony, useless, and immensely profitable war on drugs. But Fersboo is right it is not only jebs fault, the rethug administration that profits from fear mongering and corporate prisons is also to blame. Prison should be for violent offenders and theives…probationary and re-imbursement based punishment for all other crimes.