Foreign Policy Questions For the GOP Candidates

David Frum and Daniel Drezner have come up with some questions for the Republican candidates for President for tomorrow’s foreign policy debate that will be broadcast on CBS beginning at 8pm Eastern.

Frum’s questions were apparently solicited by the producers of the debate, so hopefully some of them will be used. They’d be wise to use a few of Drezner’s too.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Don’t hold your breath Doug. Even if they asked, they would never get a coherent answer (and I like the questions) from anyone named “not Obama”.

  2. OzarkHillbilly says:

    I especially liked this:

    Afghanistan: At the end of your first term do you think we’ll have more or less than 20,000 troops in that country?

    No good answer there. Not even from Obama.

  3. Ron Beasley says:

    Those are unfair questions. They require a coherent answer. None of the Republican candidates are up to that. It might require some actual thought or having an actual opinion.