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I’ve posted several items today over at New Atlanticist.

In “Europe Helping Iran Get Nuclear Weapons, I discuss Benjamin Weinthal’s charges in WSJ Europe that European firms and governments, particularly those in Germany and Austria, are actively supporting the regime in Teheran and are at best indifferent to Iran’s nuclear program.

In “Canada’s MacKay Unlikely NATO Secretary General,” I note that while some have touted Canadian defense minister Peter MacKay as Jaap de Hoop Scheffer’s successor as NATO’s secretary general, precedent makes it highly unlikely — and argue that it’s high time to rethink the precedent.

Finally, in “EU and Russia Meet on Energy and Security,” I assess the news that leaders of the European Union and Russia are meeting today for the first time since the gas crisis, more for the purpose of testing the waters than achieving any diplomatic breakthroughs.

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