Fox News Can’t Find Egypt On A Map

More fun with cable news Chyrons:

Or maybe this was a signal that FNC thinks we should invade Egypt.

Via Twitter

Update: As noted in a comment below, this appears to be an FNC Chyron from July 2009. Nonetheless…….

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  1. michael reynolds says:

    Certainly an interesting choice.

  2. Jack says:

    I’m definitely NOT a fan of Fox News, but in the interests of fairness, I could see how this could be a hurried mistake when using an interface that whoever makes the graphics might not be accustomed to.

    However, I really, REALLY hope it wasn’t up long. Their viewers are ignorant enough as it is.

  3. Kylopod says:

    Achmadinejad can see Egypt from his house.

  4. michael reynolds says:

    While we’re at it, why is Lebanon shaded in like the west bank? I think they also have Lebanon confused with Gaza.

  5. RJ says:
  6. anjin-san says:

    At Fox, you probably get a raise if you are responsible for something like this…

  7. Marvin says:

    Good one Fox! What a great source of factual information.

  8. Terrye says:

    And Chris Matthews thinks the Panama Canal is in Egypt. Silly me, I thought it was in Panama.

    Fox news is still kicking everyone else’s behind.

  9. Kylopod says:

    >And Chris Matthews thinks the Panama Canal is in Egypt.

    I had to look that one up to know what you were talking about. (I’m not a regular watcher of Matthews or any other cable news pundit.) He offhandedly referred to Egypt as having “the Panama Canal,” and just a few seconds later corrected himself, and clarified that he meant the Suez Canal.

    By contrast, FNC has been displaying this incorrect map for more than A YEAR AND A HALF!

  10. reid says:

    To wingnuts, a slip of the tongue is equal to and cancels out actual ignorance and idiocy.

  11. anjin-san says:

    > Fox news is still kicking everyone else’s behind.

    Yea, ignorance and stupidity sell. When are they bringing “Snooki” on board?

  12. An Interested Party says:

    “When are they bringing ‘Snooki’ on board?”

    Oh come now, they already have a big reality star on board…one is more than enough…

  13. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Yeah, and your hero, Chrissy Mathews stated clearly the Panama Canal was in Egypt. Go bite a big one Doug.

  14. MooseOfReason says:

    It’s talking about something happening in Israel, and it shows Israel, Syria, and Iran.

    Why are you talking about Egypt?

  15. Ulli says:

    because the map labels a country as “Egypt” that is actually Irak!

    Giant fail Fox, what an embarrassment!!!!!