Frank J has apparently recovered from his illness (which may have been caused by Glenn Reynolds siccing a rabid monkey on him but we’re not sure) in time to offer us some Bite-Sized Wisdom. My favorite:

* To all military readers of this site: get off your damn asses and kill some terrorists. What are you doing surfing the net when there are still people out there in need of killing! Hey, my tax dollars pay your measly salary, so get to it!


Close contenders were these baseball comments:

* So what’s the best way to carry a bat so it looks like you’re on your way to baseball practice and not like your just ready to cause trouble? Is there a certain way you can hold it in hand, or do you need a sheath to keep it in. Or does the sheath make you look too prepared?

* I really think that baseball is the American pastime, because it symbolizes the values of America. You have to work as a team to succeed, but everyone also gets their time in the spotlight when they’re at bat. Baseball is also hella boring, but I’m not sure how to work that into the metaphor.

Go read the rest, before his site is entirely overtaken by rabid monkeys putting up advertisements for online dating services and DVD rental establishments.

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