French Editor Fired Over Muhammad Drawings

The editor of France Soir was fired by its Egyptian owner after republishing controversial Danish cartoons with Muhammad as the subject.

The managing editor of a French newspaper was fired after it republished caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that sparked fresh anger among Muslims, employees at the paper said Thursday. The drawings, which first ran in a Danish paper in September, were reprinted Wednesday in France Soir and several other European papers rallying to defend freedom of expression.

The managing editor of France Soir, Jacques Lefranc, was fired after the publication by owner Raymond Lakah, an Egyptian magnate, employees said. No official reason was immediately announced.

The irony is that France Soir is a failing paper and this was likely the most publicity it has ever received. And, of course, more people will now get curious and seek out the cartoons in question.

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  1. G A PHILLIPS says:

    thunderbird, Good job, I could not have said it better myself. Then again even that I don’t like libs, they have the right of free speach, but then also under their own fairness rules, should they not be chrarging themselves with a hate crime. Oh yea, I forgot they are libs, the can do or say whatever they whant in the name of the greater good.P.S. Wow another French guy I can look up too, Wow it’s like this dude and Lafayette, that makes two, but I’m still looking.

  2. G A PHILLIPS says:

    Oh yea, picture this cartoon,(the Prophet Muhammad riding into the sunset on the democrat’s donkey)you like, you like?

  3. Herb says:

    Those “Politiacl Correctness” people are everywhere. Saf, Sad, Sad.