Tom Friedman’s column in today’s NYT is, as usual, thought provoking. He describes “the contrast between the breathtaking audacity of what they intend to do in Iraq — an audacity that, I must say, has an appeal for me — and the incredibly narrow base of support that exists in America today for this audacious project.”

I agree that this disconnect exists but am not sure what to do about it, short of going ahead with the audacious move and hope the public support follows. Indeed, it usually does — political scientists call it the “rally effect.”

Friedman instead concludes, “Therefore it’s time for the president to level with the American people about what will be required to make this war a success.”

Hasn’t he been doing that for roughly the last year, since the proclamation of the “Axis of Evil” in the 2002 SOTU? I’m not sure what else it is can be said to persuade those who aren’t already on board.

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James Joyner
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