‘Friends’ Farewell Features

MSNBC (which may have some proprietary interest in the matter) is all over tonight’s final episode of “Friends” with several features:

If you start reading now, you may get done just in time to watch ‘Friends.’

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  1. Moe Lane says:

    Friends is still on the air?

  2. “If you start reading now, you may get done just in time to watch ‘Friends.’”

    Why would anyone watch this garbage? Isn’t there a South Park or Chappelle’s Show rerun on instead?

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. PoliBlog says:

    The Last Episode
    Unlike many I am quote ambivalent about the end of Friends–I have likely watched no more than two complete episodes, and a handful of snippets via channel-flipping over the years. One of the ones I did see was where Ross…

  5. One Fine Jay says:

    Maleficient seven
    Doc J lists seven articles on MSNBC about the sitcom that just can’t die soon enough. I found out last night that the series finale is a whopping two hours of, well, Friends. I think I’ll have more tears running down my face watching Extreme Make…