‘Friends’ Finale AAR

Not surprisingly, not a lot of post-episode commentary on the blogroll.

  • Kevin Aylward points out that NBC screwed over the TiVo folks again by making the episode run long, although, for some reason, I have ‘Friends’ set to run an extra five minutes so didn’t miss anything.
  • Jen ponders choosing whether to watch ‘Friends’ or ‘Survivor’ “live” and thus relegate the other to tape.
  • Spoons pondered live blogging it but wisely chose not to. He predicted that the writers wouldn’t do a Seinfeld and ruin the show with a bad ending.
  • Michele Catalano, who had not really watched the series before, is puzzled by Rachel’s missing baby. (It was with her mom.)

My quick wrap-up, with minor spoilers, is in the extended entry.

I watched the two ‘Friends’ episodes and was reasonably pleased. There was nothing spectacular here but everything ended pretty much as one would have expected–no shockers unless you count the lame business about the girl being too stupid to realize she was carrying twins. The Ross-Rachel airport sequence was well done, especially the “oops, wrong airport” bit. Since the Ross-Rachel romance was the running thread throughout the series, everyone pretty much wanted them to get together; anything else would have been rather unsatisfying. Nothing is edgy as the entire cast going to jail for some rather bizarre non-crime, but much more in keeping with the schmaltzy tone of the series.

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  1. Boyd says:

    My buddy, another James, gave me a ration for watching Friends. That’s okay, though; I’m secure in my manhood.

    “The other James,” on the other hand, has to worry about that kind of stuff.

  2. I will now make people hate me (well, if they read my blog they do already): Friends is a show that absolutely never made me laugh. I’m bright enough (maybe) to know that all comedies are an act and intentional (unless you’re listening to a candidate’s political speeches), but when I see Friends I see a bunch of actors reading lines. Now, I don’t feel that way about Seinfeld, Drew Carey etc, I like comedy from David Letterman to Benny Hill to any Bill Murray movie, etc. But Friends has left me cold. But wadda I know? I also like the Three Stooges and always found Frasier a real bore.

  3. Reg says:

    Whats with the ripping on the Seinfeld close? It was perfect. A bunch of selfish whiny people get sent to jail for being selfish and whiny. How else to you end a show about nothing.

  4. ibejo says:

    Being the other James that Boyd speaks of….the only reason I ever watched friends was to check out Aniston and her perfect “eyes”.

  5. McGehee says:

    Heh. I caught the next-to-last episode of Frasier the other night and thought, “I want to see that finale.”

    Anybody know when it’s on?

  6. Boyd says:

    I believe the promo I saw last night said it would be next Thursday, Kevin. You know, they’ve got an empty slot there now.