From the “Dumb Things Politicians Say” File (Ping-Pongs of Death Edition)

“I’ve heard of people being killed playing ping-pong — ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns.”—Incoming Texas State Representative Kyle Kacal (R-District 12).

He also said: “Flat-screen TVs are injuring more kids today than anything.”

Well, then.

(BTW, I am pretty sure that “Ping-Pongs of Death” was an episode of Doctor Who during the Pertwee era).

Steven L. Taylor
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  1. David says:

    Incoming republican says stupid things. Also in the news, water is wet and Tsar has never heard of this guy.

  2. gVOR08 says:

    Supposedly from an outtake from “Balls of Fire”, the ping pong kung fu sendup,

    The path to enlightenment is long and hard. That is why most people are assholes.

  3. Dan says:

    This is an elected official so I guess this is news but I’ve heard people saying more dumb things. Some people are saying that they need their guns to protect themselves against the government of the United States. One man said that if gun control legislation passes, Obama will use the law to seize all guns, cancel future elections and become a tyranical emperor for life. Another person said that the right to bare arms gives individuals the right to have a cannon at home and even the right for individuals to have nuclear weapons.

  4. mattb says:

    (BTW, I am pretty sure that “Ping-Pongs of Death” was an episode of Doctor Who during the Pertwee era)

    They more or less recycle the “of death” title once a Doctor Cycle. As for ping pong monsters, well ping pong balls were a staple of the BBC Costume and Props shop for most of the original run so, yeah, many a Doctor had to defeat the threat of ping pongs (and bubble wrap… and the occasional cactus).

  5. Franklin says:

    Texas. Why am I not surprised? Go ahead and secede, you twits. You’d hardly last a minute, judging by this guy’s brainpower.

  6. de stijl says:

    ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns

    Maybe in certain establishments in Tijuana.

  7. Peacewood says:

    @mattb: Pssh, none of those things were nearly as deadly as the comfy chair.

    Death By Comfy Chair

  8. mattb says:

    I cannot say how much that freaked me out as a kid. In general I wasn’t a “watch Dr. Who from behind the Sofa” type. But that seriously scarred me (which thankfully meant that I never went in for the tacky inflatable furniture that was en vouge at my college).

  9. @Peacewood: @mattb: Hooray for Roger Delgado as the Master!

  10. mattb says:

    @Steven L. Taylor:
    He was incredible and apparently a really nice guy. He died way too young.

    Geeking out just a bit more, it’s amazing the “shadow” he cast, considering that they essentially directed Anthony Ailey to be as “Delgado Like” as possible in most of his appearances.