From the “You Can’t Make this Stuff Up” File (Porn Star Edition)

Via the BBC: US porn actor in cliff-fall death.

Quite frankly, the headline alone is enough to almost qualify for the File.

However, it gets better (so to speak):

A porn-film actor who was wanted for murder has died after falling from a rocky hillside in Los Angeles, following a day-long stand-off with the police.

Officers had tried to talk Stephen Hill into surrendering after he fled to the edge of the hill, clutching a sword and threatening to kill himself.

Police said he fell 40ft (13m) after being hit by a non-lethal munition.

Hill, 34, was suspected of killing a colleague with a samurai sword.

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  1. Michael Reynolds says:

    We here in California have felt we were losing the race for Home Office of Weird to places like Florida and even South Carolina. Thanks to our murdering, sword-wielding, cliff-diving porno star we are back on top, baby.

    Top that, Florida!