Gaddafi Ready to Surrender?

It’s difficult to know what is correct these days (see Doug’s post below), but this appears to be the latest, courtesy of The Guardian:

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has offered to enter negotiations with the Libyan rebels over the formation of a transitional government as loyalist fighters are pushed further to the outskirts of Tripoli and rebel forces prepare for an assault on the ousted dictator’s hometown of Sirte.

Moussa Ibrahim, regime spokesman, called the New York office of the Associated Press on Saturday night and said Gaddafi wanted his son Al-Saadi to lead talks with the National Transitional Council. Ibrahim, who was identified only by his voice, has proved one of the despot’s most loyal and vocal allies as the 42-year-old regime crumbles. He said he was still in Tripoli, while Gaddafi – whom the rebels and Nato are desperately trying to capture – remained in Libya.

The offer of negotiations for a transition were slapped down quickly by a senior NTC official, who said the rebels would not talk to Gaddafi unless he surrendered.

“No negotiation is taking place with Gaddafi,” said Ali Tarhouni, the rebel official in charge of oil and financial matters. He told Reuters: “If he wants to surrender, then we will negotiate and we will capture him.”

Make of this what you will.

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  1. michael reynolds says:

    I can’t help but notice two interesting facts:

    1) We killed Abd al-Rahman, the number two man in Al Qaeda, one of the few capable leaders they had left.

    2) OTB didn’t mention it.

  2. Are you suggesting we are anti-Obama? Others are; I’m not. I post sporadically and when something interests me. Also, when I don’t think others will beat me to the punch.

    I have no idea why no one has posted about it.

  3. I should also add that we will probably be seeing a new report of that sort in a few months.

  4. michael reynolds says:

    Mostly I was tweaking Doug who really hates admitting that Obama is doing very, very well in the war against Al Qaeda.

    This isn’t just the routine killing of AQ’s number 3 guy — which has become something of a joke. This comes on the heels of OBL’s death and Zawahiri’s shaky ascent to the top spot. It’s also further proof — as if any were needed — that Pakistan is harboring Al Qaeda. And finally it’s interesting in that it may be the fruit of the OBL raid, or it may be some Pakistani faction giving him up.