Garrett Graff’s First Day

A blogger’s first day in the White House press corp.

McClellan said Graff was believed to be the first blogger to be credentialed to attend his morning press gathering and his televised briefing later in the day. McClellan ran into Graff in the press room in the afternoon and greeted him as “the mystery man.” The two went up to McClellan’s office to chat.

On his blog, Graff wrote: “Our first impression this morning? As glamorous as the beat itself may be, there’s little glamour to be found in the briefing room. The conditions of the briefing room, famously built over the old White House swimming pool, um, leave something to be desired.”

Or read his own report, at DCFishbowl

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  1. bryan says:

    Yes, the briefing room is incredibly small – even when it’s empty. I cannot imagine it filled with all those sweating reporters.

  2. Red says:

    Now we understand the symbolism of why this blog was the first to get a Press Pass