Gary Farber’s 9th Blogiversary

Congrats to Gary Farber, who is starting his 10th year of blogging.

Congrats to Gary Farber, who is starting his 10th year of blogging.   He’s updated his sidebar photo:

This replaces the classic pic that’s been there for years:

Which confirms my own anecdotal experience:  Blogging really ages a man.

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  1. CGHill says:

    That many years will age someone, whether he blogs or not.

    I’m just happy to see he’s still around, given the hardships he’s endured.

  2. Good lord I’ve only been doing this five years this is not encouraging

  3. James Joyner says:

    CG: Indeed on both counts.

  4. Gary Farber says:

    Thanks hugely, James. It’s very kind of you to take note this way, and I really appreciate the reminder to people that I’m still around, even though I’ve been blogging much less than I’d prefer for, well, much longer than I’d prefer. Many thanks!

    It’s very flattering to receive such attention.

    For the record, I’d always carefully captioned the previous picture in as large a font as seemed remotely appropriate: “Gary Farber, November, 1988.” Same font as the current caption date and copyright notice are.

    It was, alas, the most recent picture of myself I had that I remotely liked, and I carefully made the date clear and large as appropriate. Always. From the day I posted it.

    I had a more recent picture that was from the May, 2004 Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash, but it was rather unflattering to my eyes, making me looked much more redfaced and puffyfaced than I actually was. Not a matter of age; just a matter of that being the single photo anyone took of me between 1995 and August, 2010. Strange, but true.

    And I didn’t acquire a camera again until the end of 2008, and didn’t care for the few mirror pictures I took, and, again, no one else took a picture of me.

    Also for the record, I also weighed about 265 at the time of the 2004 picture I thought was okay, but not that I wanted to have everyone see me as, and in the past week I’ve weighed 200.5, and I’m still (by desire and plan), dropping more.

    I also put up the newer photo on August 4th, 2010, 2 days after it was taken, the moment I had permission of the person who took it, to do so.

    Hope this clarifies a bit that blogging isn’t quite that debilitating. 🙂

    Besides, my life has been, um, a tad less usual and stable than that of most bloggers, who aren’t quite the average American, or average middle class world citizen, either. 🙂

    Thanks again so much for the post! It’s very cool of you.

  5. Herb says:

    “Blogging really ages a man.”

    And so does living.

    Still…going on 10 years? You’re not only an OG, Gary, but you’re the Metallica* of blogging.

    (*The Stones of blogging for the older crowd.)

  6. Gary Farber says:

    Also, my figure above was two days out of date: I’m now 199.5 lbs. 🙂

    But the true OGs are the folks who were blogging in 1999, and 2000. I’m a newbie. Anyone who started after September 10th, 2001 most definitely is.

    But, really, any of us who came along after Ev and Meg enabled those of us who didn’t know from scratch how to roll your own, are. Dedicated blogging software is for wimps like me, who barely knows a handful of HTML tags.

    Or you could go with Brad Fitzpatrick, although I’m slightly quibbly about blogs versus journals, but I wouldn’t argue with pointers to him. Nor would I dream of arguing with anyone who points to Bruce Ableson. Or several other folks.

    Internet years are orders of magnitude faster than dog years.


    Seriously, go away for three days, and watch one’s stats plummet. Or, in many cases, a couple of hours. Or less. In some cases.

    Others would take weeks of non-posting, or more, to drop off, but variety is infinite.

  7. Gary Farber says:

    Why, when I was a young blogger, Nick Denton would still bother arguing with me. 🙂