Gay Mexican Cannibals

Don’t Read This One… (Reuters)

A Mexican man killed his lover in a drunken, drugged fight then cooked the man’s body in tomato and onion sauce and ate it over three days.

Police found Gumaro de Dios Arias grilling rotting human flesh for his breakfast, including part of a heart, when they raided a shack he lived in near the Caribbean beach resort of Playa del Carmen, a police chief said on Wednesday. “He was preparing stews. There was a grill where he was cooking part of the heart and bits he had cut off the body. It was terrible, terrible,” said local police chief Martin Estrada, who was among a dozen police who raided the shack.

Arias told police the victim, a young man, arrived at his cardboard hut in a wasteland area with a mutual friend who then left the two of them drinking and taking drugs. The pair had sex and afterward a fight broke out during which he killed the man with blows to the head, police said. Police arrested Arias, 25, on Tuesday after a tip off.

“They said there was a person eating a person,” Estrada said. “We found him lying on a folding bed and to one side was the corpse which had been torn apart and which it seems he had been eating for three days,” he told Reuters.The corpse, which had its back ripped open and its innards pulled out, was missing various parts, like a thigh, he said.


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  1. Tig says:

    Now wait, that is either an urban legend or a really old story, because I am sure I have read that exact same account previously, months ago. Bizarre.

  2. Attila Girl says:

    Or, every once in a while someone loses it and kills/eats another human being.

    Maybe if it weren’t such a taboo it wouldn’t happen so much.

  3. frog says:

    It’s true, only he made chile con carne or tamales. I forget which.

  4. Patti says:

    Hey, I just sat down with my nice new cup of coffee!


  5. SrStrike says:

    The previous gay guy eats gay guy story was in Germany.

  6. Ken says:

    There was another gay cannibal – his name was Jeffrey Dahmer.