George Soros BlogAd

George Soros’ folks just bought a one week BlogAd near the bottom of my page for $50. Easiest money I ever made.

Memo to Teresa Heinz Kerry: I’ll take your money, too!

James Joyner
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  1. d forgotten was there or I’d have mentioned. He offers some critiques of the ad in question. I pretty much accept all ads here. I’ve run spots from Democratic candidates, anti-Bush t-shirt sellers, and evenGeorge Soros. I’ve rejected maybe 2-3 ads over the last two years, and those were just issues of taste where the advertiser ultimately changed the ad design and was accepted. [IMG] [IMG]

  2. Is Soros getting his money’s worth?
    Kaus has an interesting observation on whether the 527s are the threat they are made out to be. Nathan at Brain Fertlizer has further thoughts. My question is whether the top contributors are feeling that they are getting their money’s…

  3. They bought one from me, too. However, mine are cheaper 😉

  4. Boyd says:

    You freakin’ whore!

  5. Say Anything says:

    Calling Out The Big Gun
    George Soros, the left-wing financier behind many 527 groups like and America Coming Together, has initiated an anti-Bush media blitz. WASHINGTON (AFP) – Billionaire financier George Soros is putting his wealth and personal reputation on the…

  6. Bithead says:

    I note Dean Essmay was approached by Soros as well.