George Will: Election ’04 epiphanies

George Will has several “Election ’04 epiphanies.” Among them:

In 2000, Americans were reminded that electoral votes select presidents. In 2004, Democrats were reminded that Bruce Springsteen does not. Other Nov. 2 epiphanies include:

In 1984, Walter Mondale’s running mate was Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, a Catholic woman from New York. Ronald Reagan carried Catholics, women, New York — and even Ferraro’s district. Vice presidential nominees rarely sway this or that national demographic group. However, a running mate should help carry his or her state. But last week Bush carried North Carolina, getting 295,026 more votes than in 2000, and carried John Edwards’ home county, as he did four years ago. Edwards was supposed to cut Bush’s appeal in rural America. He did not.

Indeed. Of course, Al Gore was at the top of the ticket in 2000 and didn’t carry his nominal home state of Tennessee, thereby costing himself the presidency. Although, to be fair, Gore did carry his actual home, winning the District of Columbia handily.

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