Getting the Message Out

In response to my earlier post noting that President Bush has indeed said many of the things his critics say he should be saying, Steven Taylor agrees but notes, “However, it is clear that, for whatever reason, that the message has not fully penetrated the public consciousness, which is ultimately the President’s responsibility.” Agreed.

The solution is clear: The President must employ PowerPoint in future presentations.

Update: Here you go.

James Joyner
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  1. john withheld says:

    I guess E.Tufte is right: PowerPoint does get the message across… however not always the right, necessary or intended message. I also think he’s right in saying that the “PowerPointization” of information is fairly often a deterioration.

    A link here (on PowerPoint, WIRED-article from 2003) and here (the man himself), for more do a Google.

    Tufte has written great books on the vizualization of information, also these books are exceptionally well designed.

    Be sure not to miss his analyses of both space shuttle disasters from an information-mananagment view. Very good (and sometimes scary, his analysis of last year’s catastrophe comes back to PowerPoint).

  2. melvin toast says:

    I think the Power Point presentation raises more questions that it answers. For instance, Richard Clarke and Bob Woodward aren’t even referenced. Also where’s the response to his AWOL scrutiny? I think we ought to raise WH comm director to a cabinet level post. WH legal counsel should be raised to that level as well.

  3. Norbizness says:

    I definitely like the Mr. Mackey (school counselor from South Park) approach.

    Needs about 15 more “freedoms” and at least one reference to “war footing”. Also, those “negatives” are likely to get vetted (i.e. removed) by Karl Rove.